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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cyber Security Training for Board of Directors

You can help with education for your board of directors, ensuring that they have access to accurate, timely and relevant industry information in the areas of cybersecurity and IT governance.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever.

RiskAware can craft a specific cybersecurity awareness training program that is tailored to your organization, whether it is for senior management or for you board directors.  

This unique program provides a hands-on opportunity for learning, through discussion and questions. We focus on five general awareness topics related to cybersecurity preparedness, including:

  1. Risk Management and Oversight
  2. Threat Intelligence and Collaboration
  3. Cybersecurity Controls
  4. External Dependency Management
  5. Cyber-Incident Management and Resilience

Do you need a Training in Security?

Contact us to tailor a Training solution for your organisation’s management team.

Learn More About Cyber Governance Training for Your Board or Senior Management

Is the board of directors or your senior leaders well versed in cyber management and cybersecurity? Utilize our cyber security training to help your organization better respond to questions regarding their related involvement so you feel better prepared during regulatory compliance examinations.

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Designing Your Security Program


Establish a Cybersecurity Vision

Understanding where you want to go is vital to helping get there. RiskAware helps develop your vision and keep you accountable and on track.


Determine and Prioritize Cybersecurity Initiatives

Tailored security services help provide a strategic path which in turn helps you achieve your security plan. RiskAware can assist in  determining  and prioritizing security initiatives to reduce risk in a quick and cost effective manner.


Reduce Risk with Ongoing Security Improvements

Assessing and addressing risk is never finished, but a virtual or fractional CISO leads you along the path.