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Business Cases

When RiskAware Can Assist

Business Cases on when an organisation should contact RiskAware:


An organization doesn’t have a CISO yet or cannot find a replacement quick enough.

Information Security practitioners are in high demand, and CISOs are no exception. Higher wages and lack of availability has some organizations struggling to find a hear of security. Hiring a fractional or vCISO from RiskAware can help fill either the short-term gap between roles or fill smaller temporary pieces in your security posture.


An organization needs to implement a security program but lacks the resources to accomplish this.

Whether it is a request from the board or senior management or a regulatory requirement, many companies find themselves needing to build a security program within a specific timeline. Having a seasoned CISO available to build this, is beneficial, knowing the expertise and skills will be beneficial to aligning with the needs of the organization


An organization wants to focus on their core business not on information security.

Your company is not in the information security business. They just want to do the business they are setup to accomplish, but also do not want to worry about security, including hiring, setting up protection and managing the necessities of staying safe. A vCISO can do that, removing the hard work and allow your company to focus on getting what is right for you, complete.