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Law Firms and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and the Law Firm Michael Castro, vCISO Jul 10/2020   Canadian law firms are under attack by Cyber criminals. While there is a cost to protect, the importance of cybersecurity for the firm's clients and to the reputation of the firm are...


Airlines Cybersecurity

  All airlines face the same struggles and risk as many other organizations and companies. Threats affecting email, files servers, databases, website and applications are inherently at risk. However another major cyber security concern for airlines is the...


Why You Need a Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Read the news in recent months, and you hear stories from Air Canada, Marriot, Equifax, British Airways. Each of these with a story on how cyber attacks impacted their organizations and caused them delays, costs and market impacts.     Of the last few...

BlogBoards and Cyber

Cybersecurity issues up to the board level

I found a recent article this week in the Globe and Mail which discussed cyber security and how board of directors are (or really are not) positioned to tack cyber challenges that are now facing them. In reality most boards, while staffed with great leaders with valuable, experience and expertise, are not positioned to tackle cyber issues, simply because that is not the area to which they are trained.