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Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Specializing in advisory, testing, assessment and virtual CISO services

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more complex and the challenges to protect are getting more difficult every day

You cannot protect what you don’t know, and to get the right solution in place, you need to understand your current threat matrix, what holes exist in your current security posture, where to spend budget for the biggest impact and what a data-centric security approach should look like.

Increasingly more complex software programs

New types of malware every day

Cloud Storage


Several updates daily

Mobile data storage & Tablet computers

Supply chain isn't transparent

How we work with our clients in cybersecurity

Where we can assist:


Assessing the current security posture, both on the perimeter and inside the data center


Providing a high-level, customized security roadmap


Developing a stronger risk management framework to secure valuable data

Consolidate the multitude of security point solutions

Showcase the value of your security team by focusing on higher-value efforts

Testing existing and planned applications for security readiness and resilience